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Poggio del Molino

We need your help
The excavation of the Roman Villa at Poggio del Molino is preparing to go the next step. We want to open the area as an Archaeological Park or open-air Museum, but there’s a lot of infrastructure required. To this end, we are competing for a grant and need your votes.
The voting site is in Italian so it’s a little bit of a challenge. We've created a cheat sheet on ‘how to vote in Italian’ here.

OR in some browsers you can right mouse-click in the page and select 'Translate to English'

You must first register to vote.
Go to the site Hit the button ‘Vota I Progetti’ (Vote for a project)
On the right side of the page; Hit the button – ‘Registrati Ora’ (Register Now) Fill in the form: Here’s the translation.

  1. 1st Name
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  4. confirm email address
  5. Password – (must be 7-30 characters including both letters and number)
  6. confirm passwords
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A popup box with tick box comes up that reads…
I confirm that I have read the information and agree to the use of data for the development of communications and promotional initiatives of the Aviva group company products and / or services, made by the same company and / or third party companies charge.

You’ll get a thank you ‘Grazie for registering’
Wait for the activation email: ‘Attiva il tuo profilo’ - (Activate your profile)
Look for the line...
Clicca qui per convalidare la registrazione e attivare il tuo profilo.
(Click here to validate your registration and activate your account.)

Back in the site
Now... on the Left hand side of the page – Accedi (log in)
Accedi per inserire un progetto o votare i progetti nell'Aviva Community Fund
(Login to vote for a an Aviva Community Fund project)

Ricorda l'indirizzo email
(Remember email address)
(log in)

Hit Vota I progetti - (vote for a project)
Scroll down a little to the text boxes.
In the first box
Cerca per titolo progetto e organizzazione: - (Search a project)

ENTER - Poggio del Molino
Hit Cerca - (search)

You’ll see an aerial shot of Poggio del Molino.
Hit the 'Piu' Button (More)

Please give us all 10 of your votes!!!