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As the global situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, the summer 2022 academic field school sessions at Poggio del Molino are being planned with an eye toward extreme caution, safety, and flexibility. Dates have yet to be defined and will depend partially on travel restrictions, local ordinances, and public health directives (which we will continue to monitor in the coming months) as well as student interest. With this in mind, as we seek to organise a summer program which prioritises the safety and needs of our student volunteers, we ask any and all who are interested, even tentatively, to contact Tyler Johnson

The Archeodig Project announces the opening of applications of Expresiions of Interest for its 2022 field season at the Roman seaside settlement of Poggio del Molino (near Populonia, Tuscany). Excavations at Poggio del Molino will be entering their twelfth consecutive year under the direction of Archeodig, an international archaeological project supported in the United States by the University of Arizona.

The archaeological site of Poggio del Molino overlooks the Tyrhennian Sea on a promontory forming the northern edge of the Gulf of Baratti, today a popular beach destination but in Etruscan and Roman times an important center of trade and iron production. At the southern edge of the gulf, just a few kilometers away, rests the Roman city of Populonia. During its long history, the territory around Populonia (including the Gulf of Baratti and Poggio del Molino itself) shifted from Etruscan to Roman control, a process which still presents many unanswered questions and remains a key research focus of the excavations at Poggio del Molino.

Poggio del Molino preserves many centuries of diverse activities and phases of construction including a Roman fortress, a fish-sauce production facility, a seaside villa, and a late antique settlement. After a decade of work, the details of how these changes unfolded over time are still being understood by the archaeologists of the Archeodig project. As an organisation which places public and student involvement as a top priority, Archeodig seeks student volunteers who wish to develop a foundational knowledge of field archaeology and contribute to the many interesting and ongoing research questions posed by the site of Poggio del Molino.

Students will stay in comfortable apartments located in Piombino, a city about 15 minutes away from the excavation. Apartments will include wifi, a fully equipped kitchen, and basic amenities.
Living in Piombino:
Piombino is a lively coastal city with a world class archaeological museum and a walkable historical center. After site and during the weekends, students will be free to explore the city as they wish and get a taste for life in a coastal Tuscan town.

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Poggio del Molino
Populonia - Tuscany , Italy Season 2022 (Fully Booked) 4 week session Jun-Jul

The Academic Sessions

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The archaeological field school at Poggio del Molino is a four-week session for university students. The purpose of the field school is to provide basic instruction in archaeological field practice (including excavation, documentation, and artifact analysis) as well as to provide students with the opportunity to become of a part of the Poggio del Molino community. Students will additionally have the option of participating in a variety of field laboratories which will provide specialized instruction on ceramic analysis, archaeological topography, and 3D photogrammetry. On select days of the week, students will attend lectures that provide a contextual basis for the knowledge they will gain in the field.

Activities include:

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Italian, Tuscan

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Water temp:

22C / 71F

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27C / 81F


4 weeks





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